RIM Legal Questions & Answers

This is the first of a syndicated column by John Isaza. His column is devoted to answering information governance, records management and related legal questions from Chapter Members.

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What is a Legal Hold

What is a Legal Hold and Why do I Care?

A legal hold, also referred to as a hold, preservation order, suspension order, freeze notice, hold order, or hold notice, is a notice or communication issued to an organization to preserve all forms of relevant information, as a result of a reasonably anticipated investigations, audit, or lawsuit. A legal hold therefore suspends the normal disposition of records regardless of the medium they reside on.

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Collection of Hoover Dam artifacts

Collection of Hoover Dam Artifacts, Historic Photographs Now Available On-Line

The Bureau of Reclamation maintains an extensive collection of museum items, historic photographs, and news clippings related to Hoover Dam.

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