Certified Records Manager

Vistit the Intitute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) web site for information on on how to apply and when the next Certified Records Manager Exam will take place.

Examinations can be taken locally and mentoring is also available through our ARMA Silver State Chapter. Those interested in starting a study group or obtaining a mentor should Contact Us.

At the 2016 ARMA Conference the ICRM launched it’s newest certficaton – the Certified Records Analyst (CRA).  The CRA provides immediate certification to CRM candidates that have successfully passed parts 2-4 of the CRM examination; while retaining the ability to continue on to the CRM.

Questions regarding the CRM or CRA should be directed to the Intitute of Certified Records Managers (ICRM) at admin@icrm.org.

Information Governance Professional

Obtain your IGP certification to become more successful professionally, improve the speed of business for your organization, and use information more effectively.  There are several resources to help you prepare for the exam, including the IGP Study Guide and Workbook and others listed here.

  • To fill out an application and review exam details, click here.
  • For further details such as continued education credits, testing schedules, or other questions, visit arma.org/IGP or e-mail CertificationStaff@armaintl.org.

Job Opportunities

Visit ARMA Internationals Jobseeker website to search for job opportunities in our field.

    Other Educational Opportunities

    Send us information on classes, seminars, etc., that apply to our profession and we will post them here…